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Pile it in,
there's plenty of room.

The new Ridgeline Steel-Roof Freespan Truss is the ideal building solution for new dairy barns, commercial manufacturing plants, storage facilities and horse riding arenas that require a high ceiling, a wide open area and protection from hot or cold weather.

From 65-feet wide to 150-feet wide and unlimited length, the new Ridgeline Steel-Roof Freespan makes it easy to fit inside whatever it is you need, inside. With no support columns to interfere with, the wide open space of the Ridgeline makes moving machinery around incredibly easy and worry-free. And everyone knows tractors and combines are not getting any smaller.

From the outside, Ridgeline Steel-Roof Freespan buildings appear as any other, with straight sidewalls, steel-clad roofing, concrete foundation and any type of custom features you can think of adding. It is not until you walk inside that you understand the impressive painted or galvanized steel structure that gives you wall-to-wall space and ceiling height that goes to the peak.

Not only is We Cover Structures the designer of their new Ridgeline Steel-Roof Freespan, they also offer design-build services. From dairy barns to horse riding arenas, We Cover Structures is able to deliver the right type of building for you, design it the way you want it and build it with professional work crews based across Canada and USA.

The Ridgeline Steel-Roof Freespan is the best choice for any type of building that needs wide open space and insulated protection from the outside elements.