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A point of distinction is both our slogan and our creed at WeCover Structures. Our goal is to provide the best building solutions for our clients through innovation and beauty. WeCover is the market leader and innovator of peaked roof fabric covered steel structures, providing wide freespans, overhanging eaves and custom designs every time.



Since 2000, WeCover Structures has revolutionized the equine riding arena, dairy barn and commercial warehouse with bright natural light that reaches every corner of the building while keeping the traditional look of the peaked roofline.

Our unique design is both distinctive and yet unnoticeable. Looking at a WeCover from a glance, it fits right into place with your existing landscape and buildings, however the fabric roof panels provide an inside environment that is bright and free of support columns.

Another point of distinction for WeCover is their manufacturing and materials. All trusses are made from strong steel tubing and are hot-dipped galvanized which provides lasting strength and quality for years to come.

All WeCover buildings are covered with a pro-rated warranty on fabric which provides you with the cover you need and the peace of mind knowing it will last.

The many advantages of a WeCover building are being enjoyed by customers worldwide through our national network of design specialists and Approved Contractors. Each Approved WeCover Contractor has earned their designation by achieving our high level of quality standards for honesty, integrity and capability.

Please contact us for more information on our buildings and discuss how we can meet your needs inside a building that has a point of distinction—you.


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