Benefits of Agricultural Leasing

We have our roots in an agricultural heartland and understand the unique challenges of the industry. We have structured our products and services with the special needs of the farming community in mind.



National Leasing

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Preserve Credit Lines

Usually, credit or operating lines are used to finance an operation. When you lease however, you don’t need to deplete your credit resources because the equipment you need can be acquired without any significant capital outlay.

Conserve Capital

Running a successful farm demands flexibility and the ability to take advantage of opportunities as they arise. When you lease, your capital remains unencumbered, preserving your available financial resources. You benefit by acquiring the equipment you need to deliver a crop without hindering the need to stay flexible if market prices change.

Customized Lease Programs

Every farm operation is unique. Therefore, we tailor lease payment schedules that take those special circumstances into account. You don’t grow crops year round so why should you be making lease payments when your cash flow is tight?

Plan Your Equipment Replacement

When you lease you can access new equipment when you need it, maximizing your production and marketing advantages. Leasing lets you take advantage of favorable pricing and gives you a chance to plan equipment upgrades to coincide with the implementation of a new lease.

Simplified Accounting

Fixed lease payments make forecasting and administration easy. With a consistent payment schedule the farm’s accounting procedures become routine. Leases with a fair market value option at expiry may provide important tax advantages.

Budget Management

Any farm operation can lease the equipment it needs today without exceeding its budget. Vital assets needed to efficiently deliver income can be acquired without adversely affecting financial resources, existing resources, existing income, or future projections.

We understand that working the land is a rewarding but difficult business. We can help. National Leasing is committed to working with the agricultural community by sharing the risk and enjoying the rewards.


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